Be a Part of Something Bigger

At SBD Housing Solutions, our purpose is to transform Kansas City communities through high quality remodels. We find distressed homes in amazing areas, and work to turn them around, to make beautiful homes for families of all kinds. Be a part of our growth!

As an investor, you have the opportunity to grow your real estate portfolio by taking advantage of a highly simplified Turnkey Rental process. The beauty of our Investment Cycle is that our company does all the hard work for you. We find the homes, remodel them, find quality tenants, and then manage the properties.

This is your opportunity to create a stream of income for years to come, and to help you coast into your retirement years in an even stronger position.

We work with both novice and savvy investors alike, whether you’re an international client, or Kansas City proud. Give us a call today and learn more about getting involved!

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Our Investment Cycle is Built for Growth

If you know much about real estate investing, you probably know that having just one investment is not likely to be cash positive. However, our Investment Cycle is designed to help you, as an investor, continue to acquire real estate property over and over again, year after year. We are experts at managing hundreds of properties, and each time a new property comes on board, it’s an opportunity for a new or existing investor to benefit from the turnkey real estate system in place.

We can help walk you through the process financially with local banks, establishing LLC’s to protect your investments, then understanding the back end of the process so you can gauge your level of involvement.

We Make Transparency Easy


We know that one of the most precious commodities is your time! Our Turnkey Real Estate service has been designed in such a way that you, the investor, are able to be completely hands off. From everything from landing the homes, to renovating, to filling it with tenants - we handle the hard work for you, and ask for input when we should.

Once our investors are on board, they gain access to our high quality software system that will allow them to track all their interactions within their properties. This allows you to login from anywhere - whether you’re at work or on vacation. You can track maintenance expenses, payments coming in, updates to the property, and more.

This transparency is why our investors trust us. We make sure you’re up to speed on every decision, without having to be involved in every decision. Your time is yours to keep.

Our Real Estate Strategy


One of the strongest investments you can have is in real estate. Real estate investments are a great stream of revenue when the market is good, and they’re an exceptional option even when the markets turn. Even if the economy is not good for home buyers, it will always be great for those looking for rentals.

When you invest with us, you’ve got properties that you can keep as long term investments, and add multiple properties to your portfolio at your own pace. Over the years, your cash flow builds, and your assets grow.

What an amazing tool to help you reach your retirement goals! The sky is the limit when you come on board with SBD Housing.


Hear from some of our investors.

Mike - Overland Park, KS

     NO TIME

"I had always wanted to get into real estate but never had the time. SBD Housing has changed my whole outlook on investing and afforded me the retirement vehicle to drive my wealth accumulation. I now have 5 cash flowing pieces of real estate, all in my name, and the positive cash flow is a significant contributor to my monthly income!"

Graham - Brisbane, Australia

     Cash Flow

"Our experience has been excellent. The SBD Housing team has always been proactive and has surpassed our expectations. They always seek to ‘add value’ for the investor. Since mid 2009 we have purchased and grown a large portfolio of positive cash flow rental properties. We have achieved significant equity gains as well as generating a great passive income. In one year of investing via SBD Housing we have exceeded our entire airline superannuation fund which took us over 20 years of contributions to grow."

Bob - Lee Summit, MO

     All inclusive/Hands Off

“Investing with SBD Housing is a breeze - totally hands off - which is what I wanted. I’m nearing retirement age, but still didn’t have any real estate investments. I pulled money from the stock market to take advantage of this foreclosure crisis in the USA. I have been very pleased with the returns on my dollar, far exceeding what I would have made in my mutual funds.”