SBD Housing Solutions impacts Kansas City communities by transforming homes through high quality remodels.

In January of 2019, we hit a major milestone of having completed 1000 quality remodeled homes in the Kansas City marketplace since we began our journey back in 2002!

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Rentals Available

Click here for our list of rentals now available. By filling out an application once, you can be in our system for any property. Our rentals are thoroughly cared for and updated between each tenant.

Remodeled Homes for Sale

Click here to find out what’s available in your area. We find homes in amazing areas that need some TLC. Our high quality remodel team will transform the house into a designer home that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

Turnkey Real Estate Investing

Learn how to become an investor in a Turnkey Real Estate investment, and build your real estate portfolio effortlessly!



Our Real Estate

We take great pride in the high quality remodels that we deliver throughout Kansas City. With a team of over 50 qualified SBD Contractors, we endeavor to first, greatly improve the structural and cosmetic nature of every home we touch, and then manage it for years to come.

Kansas City is a booming city located in the Heart of America. It is located on the border of Kansas and Missouri and it’s the second largest metropolitan area in the state after Greater St. Louis.

The Kansas City metropolitan area (or just KC) has a population of 2.34 million people.


High Quality Rentals

Here at SBD Housing, we manage over 500 properties in Kansas City annually. All our properties are high quality remodels, and our rentals are thoroughly cared for and updated between each tenant. We provide excellent customer service to our tenants, and work to provide the most efficient support for any maintenance needs. Fill out an application today, or schedule a viewing!

NOTE: After an application and background check has been approved, deposits MUST BE received within 24 hours in order to secure the rental. Fill out an application now!


Property Management

Here at SBD Housing, we offer amazing property management services to our 500+ properties in Kansas City. We only offer these services to homes that we’ve acquired through our investors or our own management. We do not offer property management to outside customers.

tenant placement

We have a team of professionals who work hard to process rental applications, do thorough background checks, and to ensure all information is accurate. We work to ensure that our properties are filled with tenants who have a proven history of bill pay, and will be great tenants to entrust our properties with. Each tenant comes into the office directly to receive keys, on-boarding information, and to learn how to contact us for any maintenance issues that might come up throughout the year.

Maintenance requests

We have a team of highly specialized customer service representatives who work hard to stay abreast of the latest landlord best practices. We pride ourselves in speedy repairs for our tenants, and will always make sure properties are rented with integrity and in great shape.

We use a software system called Property Meld that helps us to track dozens of maintenance requests per day. When tenants submit maintenance requests online, our system logs, tracks and helps to communicate with the tenant and contractor all the way through to completion.

Many times, we are able to simply guide the tenant through an easy fix over the phone. Easy things like replacing fire alarm batteries, resetting garbage disposals, and changing out heater filters - are all things that happen frequently and can be solved easily by the tenant. In the busy lives of our tenants - this helps them to move on with their life quickly without having to coordinate with maintenance. For the problem that are significant that do require more expert attention, we are re able to assign each request to a contractor, and the contractor can immediately communicate with the tenant to schedule visits and repairs.

Buy reading our reviews - you can see that we have a maintenance team that’s unparalleled, and we work hard to make sure each tenant is satisfied!


High Quality Homes for Sale

At SBD Housing, we transform homes that can be your forever home. With the core of our business based in real estate, we are no stranger to recognizing homes that are in need of renovation - but would be a perfect home for a family who is ready to settle down.

When we find homes that fit that description, we renovate, provide the standard set of upgrades that make our homes amazing, and then make them available on the market. You know any home that we’ve renovated will be move-in ready, high quality, and be full of updated features that you would be proud of. Come take a look at our latest homes for sale! Contact our office,, for more questions.

We currently have no homes available at this time.

Contact for more information about available homes for purchase, or to be included in future announcements about available homes.

Home Acquisitions

We have a team of high energy Acquisitions experts, who work throughout the city to find homes that will be perfect for our investors. Our team uses a variety of resources to find homes at auctions, foreclosures, and homes that are currently occupied but are in financial distress. The team is able to help families out of difficult situations who need to sell their homes, or are able to gain a home through auction that can be transformed and put back on the market.

When homes are acquired by the team, they are either available for an investor to take ownership of as a long-term turnkey rental, or they are more appropriate to be remodeled and sold at market value. Each home is different, and our amazing team of contractors can turn them into gold, one home at time.

Our acquisitions team goes through a rigorous process of detailing all projected renovation expenses, and assessing the value after renovation is complete. Only the homes with the best margins, within our formula, will be purchased, which keeps our investors safe from maintenance mishaps.


The right investment for you.

Become an SBD INVESTOR, buying renovated Turnkey Real Estate Investment homes!

We are an industry leader in the arena of full service, turnkey real estate investments for those who are ready to fast track their real estate portfolio. Maintaining in-house property management gives our clients peace of mind, knowing that the same people that sourced, renovated and leased up the home are going to manage it for years to come!


The Investment Cycle

19th st-exterior front-before.jpg


The acquisition side of our business model has been with over 1000 homes purchased since 2001. Through the finely tuned avenues of pre-foreclosure activity and trustee foreclosure auctions, we buy at prices that the general public cannot.

  • Pre Foreclosure

  • REO/Bank Owned

  • Courthouse Steps

  • Short Sales


PHASE 2 | ReModeling

Each house is assigned a project Manager to oversee the rehab operation and manage our pool of trusted contractors who are experts in their field.

Our goal: quality, cost effective remodels.

  • Quality workmanship

  • Designated project manager

  • Cost effective

  • Detailed photo updates

19th st-exterior front-after.jpg

PHASE 3 | Management

Our In-House Property Managers are local experts that work to alleviate the burden of typical tenancy issue. Their business practices are designed to eliminate risk and maintain the integrity of your assets.

  • 24/7 Management

  • Thorough tenant screening

  • Multiple media advertising

  • Full time leasing agents

  • Detailed accounting reports


PHASE 4 | Financing

The great benefit to Real Estate investing is the power of leverage. Banking relationships are critical and afford our investors the option to reinvest their cash back into the SBD investment cycle again and again.

  • Strong banking relationships

  • Historically low interest rates

  • Lock in fixed rates

  • Reinvest in the cycle



Our real estate investors come on board our real estate cycle, and then repeat the cycle multiple times per year. We work with you to help you with the tools to continue to grow your portfolio, while we continue to provide amazing properties to grow with.

Contact us now to learn more about how to come on board!


"We focus on buying financially distressed homes, not physically distressed homes."

We buy houses in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area. However we are very careful to EXCLUDE any undesirable areas – such as the downtown and “inner city” KC areas. 


Oakmount exterior back-before.JPG
Oakmount exterior back-after.jpg

Before and after

We have the flexibility to target our acquisitions to the wants and needs of an investors’ portfolio, however we normally target: 

• 3-4 bedroom
• 1-2 bathroom
• 1-2 car garage
• 900-2000 sq ft houses  
• Built post 1950

All houses are in growth oriented corridors of Greater KC

19th st-exterior back-before.jpg
19th st-exterior back-after.jpg

More about our homes:

All have central air conditioning and central heating (as it gets extremely hot in summer and very cold in winter). Most have solid concrete basement walls, brick or wooden frame sidings and composite shingle roofs. Duplexes and multi-family units are very desirable and also are occasionally acquired. 

Just a few of our amazing remodels



Kansas City Proud


Kansas City is a booming city located in the Heart of America. It is located on the border of Kansas and Missouri and it’s the second largest metropolitan area in the state after Greater St. Louis.

The Kansas City metropolitan area (or just KC) has a population of 2.34 million people.

KC skyline.jpg


There’s a significant market in Kansas City for rental properties. In almost a quarter of the 100 largest US cities, the population changed from homeowner-to renter-majority, between 2006 and 2016. In Kansas City, rental properties account for 53.7% of household types.


The Greater Kansas City area is home to a wide variety of corporate industries. It has significant industrial presence in farming, telecom, transportation, healthcare, veterinary science, warehousing, and distribution networks, and it is also home to many international corporations, including: Sprint-Nextel, Hallmark, Cerner, Ford, Bayer, Hills Animal Nutrition, H&R Block, Yellow Trucking Company, Garmin and Kansas City Railroads, to name a few.

We are home to booming fan bases for the national sports teams, including 2015 World Series Champions the Kansas City Royals (MLB), Kansas City Chiefs (NFL), Sporting KC Soccer (MLS), and Missouri Mavericks (Hockey).

Ranking Kansas City

Kansas City is recognized regularly by national polls for its excellence!

US New & World Report Ranked Kansas city #58 in Best Places to Live, and #80 in Best Places to Retire, out of 125.

National Geographic Traveler names Kansas City one of worlds “best trips” for 2019!

A total of 19 Kansas City-area public high schools ranked among the best nationwide, according to the 2018 US News & World Report ranking.