Hear from some of our investors.

Mike - Overland Park, KS

     NO TIME

"I had always wanted to get into real estate but never had the time. SBD Housing has changed my whole outlook on investing and afforded me the retirement vehicle to drive my wealth accumulation. I now have 5 cash flowing pieces of real estate, all in my name, and the positive cash flow is a significant contributor to my monthly income!"

Graham - Brisbane, Australia

     Cash Flow

"Our experience has been excellent. The SBD Housing team has always been proactive and has surpassed our expectations. They always seek to ‘add value’ for the investor. Since mid 2009 we have purchased and grown a large portfolio of positive cash flow rental properties. We have achieved significant equity gains as well as generating a great passive income. In one year of investing via SBD Housing we have exceeded our entire airline superannuation fund which took us over 20 years of contributions to grow."

Bob - Lee Summit, MO

     All inclusive/Hands Off

“Investing with SBD Housing is a breeze - totally hands off - which is what I wanted. I’m nearing retirement age, but still didn’t have any real estate investments. I pulled money from the stock market to take advantage of this foreclosure crisis in the USA. I have been very pleased with the returns on my dollar, far exceeding what I would have made in my mutual funds.”