High Quality Rentals

Here at SBD Housing, we manage over 500 properties in Kansas City annually. All our properties are high quality remodels, and our rentals are thoroughly cared for and updated between each tenant. We provide excellent customer service to our tenants, and work to provide the most efficient support for any maintenance needs. Fill out an application today, or schedule a viewing!

NOTE: After an application and background check has been approved, deposits MUST BE received within 24 hours in order to secure the rental. Fill out an application now!


Property Management

Here at SBD Housing, we offer amazing property management services to our 500+ properties in Kansas City. We only offer these services to homes that we’ve acquired through our investors or our own management. We do not offer property management to outside customers.

tenant placement

We have a team of professionals who work hard to process rental applications, do thorough background checks, and to ensure all information is accurate. We work to ensure that our properties are filled with tenants who have a proven history of bill pay, and will be great tenants to entrust our properties with. Each tenant comes into the office directly to receive keys, on-boarding information, and to learn how to contact us for any maintenance issues that might come up throughout the year.

Maintenance requests

We have a team of highly specialized customer service representatives who work hard to stay abreast of the latest landlord best practices. We pride ourselves in speedy repairs for our tenants, and will always make sure properties are rented with integrity and in great shape.

We use a software system called Property Meld that helps us to track dozens of maintenance requests per day. When tenants submit maintenance requests online, our system logs, tracks and helps to communicate with the tenant and contractor all the way through to completion.

Many times, we are able to simply guide the tenant through an easy fix over the phone. Easy things like replacing fire alarm batteries, resetting garbage disposals, and changing out heater filters - are all things that happen frequently and can be solved easily by the tenant. In the busy lives of our tenants - this helps them to move on with their life quickly without having to coordinate with maintenance. For the problem that are significant that do require more expert attention, we are re able to assign each request to a contractor, and the contractor can immediately communicate with the tenant to schedule visits and repairs.

Buy reading our reviews - you can see that we have a maintenance team that’s unparalleled, and we work hard to make sure each tenant is satisfied!