We are professional real estate investing experts, so that you don’t have to be.

We partner with beginning and expert investors to make your real estate investments a hassle free experience.

Our program is designed so that you can remain informed about the status of your assets, without the hassle of buying, remodeling and leasing out a home. Our investors can reap the benefits of a high quality home remodel, without getting bogged down in mundane decisions.

We partner with people from all over the world, including New Zealand, Australia, the U.K. and South Africa…..and right here in Kansas City.

The attraction is simple……we consistently deliver positive cash flowing investment property that can help you accelerate your path to retirement.

We Network with Communities of Real Estate Experts

Continuing education in any business is essential for high achievers. We exceed expectations when it comes to our commitment to continuing our expertise in the real estate industry. Staying stagnant is not an option when it comes to keeping up with the best investment and property management models! We travel regularly to conferences, network with experts throughout the world, and we are a part of several communities of real estate experts. You can count on us to be leaders in our path to your investment strategy.

We Have Access to Amazing Contractors

We’ve spent years building up and perfecting our team of loyal contractors, and we have entire crews who are working around the clock to upgrade our homes. When a real estate purchase is bought, it’s only valuable if you can turn around the construction in an effective and timely manner.

When we purchase homes, we do it with a complete list of anticipated updates - including flooring, bathrooms, kitchens, paint, windows, and more. We take care to make sure that each home gets a complete upgrade - to make it an excellent home for future tenants, which makes it an excellent real estate investment.

Our formula for buying homes at auction always allows rooms for these improvements, and that’s how we are successful at making sure they are always going to turn out to be excellent investments for you.

We Can Buy at the Best Prices

Real estate investors know that if you haven’t bought it at the right price, the rest doesn’t matter. Our expertise is buying real estate for you through finely tuned auction activity, foreclosures, and massive direct marketing outreach.

We scour Kansas City for the best investment properties, and our staff and marketing are specifically designed to identify pre-foreclosure opportunities

We buy at the best possible prices, so that our quality remodel and rental program will leave you with the best investment returns for years to come.