Our Buying Advantage

The biggest difference between “us” and “them” is that we buy houses cheaper than anyone else. Through our pre-foreclosure and foreclosure auction techniques, we are able to buy houses below even the wholesale pricing that some investors are bringing to the table. This is how we can not only deliver huge equity gains, but also great positive cash flowing homes too.

Location Criteria

In Kansas City area, the US $100k - $200k price bracket encompasses the first time home buyer market, retirees, families upgrading, as well as an investor looking for a reasonably priced investment. We begin by focusing our remodels in specific high quality areas through the KC corridor.

Cash Flow

Our goal is to provide you with stable, passive income, if and when you are ready to retire. These rental properties will now kick off a positive stream of cash flow for years to come, all our properties are cash flow positive and leveraging assets through financing, and our cash on cash returns are outstanding.


All Inclusive

Through SBD Housing Solutions, you can now invest in Real Estate having never been to Kansas City! We purchase the property for you, remodel it, provide the tenants, and then manage the property as your investment. We offer a complete turnkey process for the investor!


Consummate Professionals

Each member of our team understands the importance of cash flow. We have all bought and sold homes for years. You will be getting expert advice from the ‘been-there-done-that’ crew throughout the entire process. Our team's experience, dating back a decade, means that there isn’t a house or remodeling issue we haven’t already encountered.


Remodeling Excellence

We do so much volume that we can deliver the very best pricing for any job today. We have been recognized by Home Depot and LOWES as a Top Ten contractor for years, and thus we have negotiated to get preferred discounts for our materials needs. Similarly, our remodeling crews have been working with us for years and save their best pricing for SBD Housing jobs.