High Quality Homes for Sale

At SBD Housing, we transform homes that can be your forever home. With the core of our business based in real estate, we are no stranger to recognizing homes that are in need of renovation - but would be a perfect home for a family who is ready to settle down.

When we find homes that fit that description, we renovate, provide the standard set of upgrades that make our homes amazing, and then make them available on the market. You know any home that we’ve renovated will be move-in ready, high quality, and be full of updated features that you would be proud of. Come take a look at our latest homes for sale! Contact our office, info@sbdhousing.com, for more questions.

We currently have no homes available at this time.

Contact Matt@sbdhousing.com for more information about available homes for purchase, or to be included in future announcements about available homes.

Home Acquisitions

We have a team of high energy Acquisitions experts, who work throughout the city to find homes that will be perfect for our investors. Our team uses a variety of resources to find homes at auctions, foreclosures, and homes that are currently occupied but are in financial distress. The team is able to help families out of difficult situations who need to sell their homes, or are able to gain a home through auction that can be transformed and put back on the market.

When homes are acquired by the team, they are either available for an investor to take ownership of as a long-term turnkey rental, or they are more appropriate to be remodeled and sold at market value. Each home is different, and our amazing team of contractors can turn them into gold, one home at time.

Our acquisitions team goes through a rigorous process of detailing all projected renovation expenses, and assessing the value after renovation is complete. Only the homes with the best margins, within our formula, will be purchased, which keeps our investors safe from maintenance mishaps.