Rental Application Process


Submitting Your Application

YOUR APPLICATION WILL TAKE 3-5 DAYS TO COMPLETE. We must have ALL these items before we can begin processing the verification:

  • $35 non-refundable application fee, which will apply to all our properties for up to 45 days

  • We must have a completed application for each co-applicant

  • a copy of each person’s photo ID,

  • income verification,

  • *rental verification received from landlord

  • application fees paid

  • **If the application fee gets returned for insufficient funds, the tenant will need to pay an additional $25 fee in order to continue with eligibility.

If you have questions during the process - for a more speedy response, please email Phone calls will be returned within 24 hours.


While We Are Processing Applications:

We receive approximately 120 applications per month. It takes several days to complete each application, and they are processed in the order they are received and completed. We are not able to hold the property that you are applying for, because there could be multiple applicants on one property. (Tips: Many times, rental verification can take the longest to complete due to contact with past landlords; anything you can do to help expedite that process is helpful).

If another applicant is approved for a property that you applied for, you’ll be contacted via email. You will then have the option to transfer your application to another property.


Once You Have Been Approved

If your application is approved, we require you to pay the base security deposit (in full) within 24 hours to remove the home from the market.

 *Once we have the deposit, we prepare the lease agreement and send it out via email.  Each person logs into their individual email accounts to sign and share back with us.  Once all tenants have signed, we will sign and share back with you so you have a completed copy for your records.

 *You must move in within two weeks.  You are required to pay a FULL month’s rent, any additional security deposit (if requested), and any pet fees the day of key pick up.  You must have utilities switched to your name prior to your move in date.  Confirmation numbers must be provided.  If you are moving in after the 1st of the month, the rent will be prorated.  However, you do not pay the prorated amount until your second month.  (i.e.  Move in June 15th = Pay full month rent.  July 1st = the prorated rental amount is due.)


 Pet Fees:  

All pet fees are NONREFUNDABLE.  There is a minimum charge of $300 per animal plus a monthly pet rent of $25.00 per pet.  If you have additional pets, the cost will increase $150.00 for each additional animal with a max limit of 3.  We do enforce a pet violation fee, if pets are not reported.

 *We are a paperless office and require you to use our online pay portal for rental payments ($1.75 transaction fee will be added), after the initial certified funds are processed.


ON-BOARDING to your new property:

After you’ve paid your security deposit and you’ve been confirmed, we’ll be ready to setup an appointment for on boarding. You’ll be invited to visit our office in Blue Springs to receive the keys, and to learn about our maintenance policies and processes.

We look forward to working with you!

  • Monica Griffin, Leasing Coordinator

  • Joelle Williams, Property Management Assistant